with Yoga through

Hanuman Chalisa

  • There are eight limbs of Yoga & Meditation stands at seventh position among them. There are number of ways and methods to keep control over mind and Meditation is one of them. When each quatrain of Shri Hanuman Chalisa gets connected with every breath (which goes in and comes out), meditation becomes easy to perform. Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa Course has been specially designed in order to experience this entire spiritual process.

    The main objective of meditation through Hanuman Chalisa course is to attain peace. The entire course is bundled up into docket cd and book which is designed in such a manner that one can perform it at home, at office with the same ease with which one performs in the presence of Life Management Guru Pt. Vijayshanker Mehta. You just need to devout 24 minutes in a day for the successful execution of this course.

    In the present era of Science and technology people acquire name, fame and money but they lack in the major aspect of life i.e. Inner Peace. It is easy to get materialistic deeds but attaining Peace is all that matters.

    Life Management Guru Pt. Vijayshanker Mehta believes that in the coming years attaining Peace would turn out to be the biggest project. The next generation will find it difficult to attain Peace as it will be impossible to attain it from any institution; one needs to find Peace within.

    Mantr for Peace stands for finding Peace within you. Success without Peace is incomplete and to attain Peace Life Management Guru Pt. Vijayshanker Mehta has come up with this concept of Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa. This would turn out to be a great opportunity for all those who are in search of Peace. Come; join us in this mission of attaining Peace.

  • In the coming years Peace would be the most expensive entity. Achieving Peace with Success would become all the more difficult. The convenient way of getting Peace is from Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa. We are made up of three things; they are body, mind and soul. If you want to conquer your mind then you need to practice the art of meditation wholeheartedly. We need to take out time to perform Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa which is a 24 minutes course. We urge everyone to get associated with this course.

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