Abhimantrit Pratima

"ना पाप ना पूण्य ना मोक्ष ना मृत्यु - सिर्फ शांति"
और भगवान का दूसरा नाम शांति है |

There are 7 energy circles in the body of human being and energy circulates through these circles from bottom to top in the whole body.
You being at peace depends on these energy the lower the energy the farther you are from peace and the higher the energy the closer you are to attend peace. To circulate your energy from your lower circles to higher circles the course meditation with yoga through Hanuman Chalisa has been developed, there is no yogi bigger than Hanuman Ji that is the reason why this abhimantrit Pratima has been developed, it has the similar 7 circles of energy which are there in human body, developed on a copper rod and placed in the centre of Murti during its development and this is the way that the abhimantrit Murti is been developed.
There is no Vastu dosh in this Murti you don't have to worship this Murti on a daily basis you only have to sit in front of it meditate with Hanuman Chalisa as guided by life management Guru Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta and ones once you start meditating in front of this Murti the energy liberated from this Murti will make your meditation more easy and effective.


Maditation With Yoga Through Hanuman Chalisa

"Exploration for peace ends with Yoga"

Body must be active and mind in state of rest. When Hanumanji set out for Lanka and bow to all monkeys and skips from a mountain. This is our first orbit, called 'Muladhar' - pelvic plexus. As Hanumanji moves forward and come back in the same way we have to raise our inner energy from 1st orbit to seventh orbit. As each orbit has its own nature, Hanumanji had his special activity in every step of success.

Result :



Sahastrar Chakra

Meditation Impact :

"At the seventh step, success is completely achieved, Hanumanji came back, informed Ramji and prepared the base to conquer Ravana. Now we will have to raise our energy to the highest level i.e. Sahatrahar Chakra."

Meditation Impact :

"Whenever we are stepping on the staircase of success we must save emotions in life. Emotional absence has become a stubborn problem in our country, now a days. So let as move to that energy level, where energy stats giving its consequences. Its is known as Agya Chakra It is situated is between our two eyebrows."

Aagya Chakra

Result :



Result :



Vishuddhi Chakra

Meditation Impact :

"Deity, devotion and devotee meet here, this is called dedication. Because without dedication, devotion is not possible. Do what ever your do in life, with complete commitment and dedication. To work with 100% involvement is dedication."

Meditation Impact :

"We will achieve here our 'dream - vision' of attaining the accomplishment of Yoga. Therefore the people related to management, must raise higher their energy from this level."

Anahat Chakra

Result :



Result :



Manipur Chakra

Meditation Impact :

" The quality of leadership arises here. it is its nature. Education, tradition, marriage and thinking all are governed by this 'Chakra' when the energy reaches this level, doubts converts into faith and thoughts into reasoning."

Meditation Impact :

"This is called etheric body. In the present context of management if courage and commitment are not their, then progress and development stops.By raising at this level lifting up,brotherhood, love and compassion arises instead of hatred. The courage to do something and the commitment to complete it comes here."

Sawadisthan Chakra

Result :



Result :



Muladhar Chakra

Meditation Impact :

"Muladhara Chakra is also known as physical body. It define male and female, here sex can be converted to celibacy that's why it is the center of possibility. In modern management teamwork is very important. Those who have to manage teamwork they will have to work on 'Muladhar Chakra'."

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