(Life Management Guru)

Pt. Vijay Shankar Mehta

  • He started his professional journey as a Banker which paved the way for Journalism and then he moved towards being a Life Management guru. He has experienced different phases of personal and professional life and analyzed it in a way different from others. While exploring and experiencing different phases of life he realized that Peace is the most important yet neglected element of today’s fast moving life.

  • Pt. Vijayshanker Mehta as a Life Management Guru, a teacher or an orator delivers discourses on more than 75 subjects relevant to our daily lives. Apart from Shri Bhagwat Katha, Shri Ram Katha, Shri Hanumat Katha and Shiv Puran he speaks on various topics interrelating spiritualism with real aspects of an individual’s life. His teachings are not imaginary but rather more realistically connected to life.

    As an explorer of Peace he keeps travelling for almost 25 days in a month and spreads his mission and vision to every age group. For his latest updates chart you can go to HamareHanuman

  • Pt. Vijay Shankar Mehta writes a column "JEENE KI RAAH", in the highest read hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar which is read by 2.5 crore people on a regular basis. He speaks on 'Life Management' on 94.3 My FM Radio from 6 to 7 every morning.

    A lot of people have queries and Pt. Mehta is always pleased to solve queries of as many people as he can. Now you can connect with him through this website, whatsapp, facebook etc.

  • Be Successful but at Peace with yourself and always keep smiling……
    Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta
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